Moderator for Black Professional Women Website

You will be reporting directly to me, Melinda J.B. Dupre., Administrator of the Black Professional Website.

Your responsibilities are to network with other networking sites, to encourage women from those sites to join and to let them know what services that we provide that can help their business can grow. For those women who do not have a business, you will let them know that BPW can guide them through the process of starting their own business.

The key responsibility is to oversee the consultants who are members of the website and those who are non-members. Like you, the consultants will come in direct contact with the visitors. Like you, they will have their own websites or blogs. These websites will allow visitors to talk with consultants directly by way of Black Professional Women Talk which is located when you click on the .NET NETWORK button on the website. As moderator, you will also handle complaints from visitors and consultants in your state blogs, BPW Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

You must have knowledge of using the internet, e-blasts, emailing, wordpress blogs, and management.

Please submit a resume for this position.

You are allowed to sell your products online. If your specialty is related to the current job description, Moderator / Head Consultant, you are allowed to charge for your services. Each consultant is allowed to charge customers in their related field.

There is no salary since the money you make here is yours to keep. A life time membership of $50.00 is required.

We no longer offer the 5 page website for just being a member of Black Professional Women, however we offer you a WordPress format where you can choose from 100's of templates to create your own blog, website or both. The web space we provide will be attached to the Black Professional Women website. If you choose to expand your business Web Hosting can be provided through BPW creators Alpha Illustrations for $35.40 per year with a one time $25 setup fee. Alpha Illustrations is also offering a $850 discount for members. You will pay only $150 for their basic website design package if you would ike a quality website designed streaming to you social networks and blogs with a free logo included.

There will be other moderators chosen for different regions. We hope that this offer helps you get started on the pathway to your own business venture. There is no set time for working hours however you will be called upon to make decisions for the website changes and promotion. If you do not respond to emails sent to resolve an issue on the site or promotion we will vote on the matter without you, however; we would like input from all our moderators and views. Remember, this will be like your own website and you are the manager.

No membership fee is needed we just upgrade your status from consultant to moderator

If you need to contact me, please do so using the following:

Melinda J.B. Dupre
Black Professional Women (24/7)

Mitchell J. Dupre, Sr.
Founder / Webmater
Black Professional Women
Alpha Illustrations
Founder / Consultant
Email: (24 / 7)
Contact No.: 301-442-3633 m-f [9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.]
Yahoo IM: ( alphaillustrations ) (24 / 7)
3225 75th Avenue
Landover, Maryland 20785

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